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Workshop Survey

The Workshop part of this event (part III: Sept 14-17) will be dedicated to a collaboration workshop. Participants are invited to come with problem suggestions to work on in groups. This is a great opportunity to get a new idea growing and find new collaborators.
Please note that we are also welcoming submission from people unable to attend the workshop.

We look for open interesting problems on topological recursion, integrable systems, resurgence and related topics, on which you think nobody is concretely working at the moment (or, if you personally know who is doing so, you may consider submitting the problem in agreement with them).

A plus is given to problems that have one or more of the following characteristics, in this order:

  1. Their nature is pedagogical (participants will acquire certain skills/knowledge/practice by working on the problem).
  2. Their nature especially allows for team work.
  3. Their nature links different branches of mathematics/physics.
  4. They are short-term projects with a clear sequence of computational steps which lead (are probably supposed to, to the best of your knowledge) to the solution of the problem.

Prepare a short pdf document (max 1 page) according to the instructions below:

How to write the open problem submission:

  1. Give a title to the project.
  2. Briefly introduce the problem.
  3. Describe in a few lines the specific goal of the project and why this project is important.
  4. Outline the strategy you have in mind to attack the problem, by listing in order the necessary steps/computations/checks to be performed.
  5. List the necessary methods/prior knowledge that would be desirable for the interested participants to have in order to follow the plan above.
  6. Mention if you plan to attend the event and if you would like to lead the discussion/project (in case you cannot make it, you can suggest a different group facilitator).

This procedure is independent of the event registration (Register). Please send us the pdf document via the call for papers section of our indico page, available via the link above. The problem submission will be opened a few months before the event. We are also available if you have further questions concerning the submission procedure or if you wish to discuss with us beforehand.