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TR Salento 2021

We are excited to announce TR Salento 2021, a School + Workshop on Topological Recursion and related topics which will take place on September 6th - 17th 2021 in Otranto, Salento region, in the South of Italy.

The School part of the event (Sept. 6th-13th) is currently happening and being streamed online. We have set up a Big Blue Button “BBB” Streaming and you may look at the schedule here. You may join the slack workspace ( pleaseask us an invitation link on BBB ) where the material of the courses will be posted.

This event is organised by the ReNewQuantum ERC Synergy Grant team at IPhT and IHES: B. Eynard, E. Garcia-Failde, D. Lewanski and A. Ooms, in collaboration with the “Research group on integrable systems of the Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica “E. De Giorgi”, Università del Salento”: M. Beccaria, B. Konopelchenko, G. Landolfi, L. Martina, R. Vitolo.